To Order ALLWALLS Playsets:
 1) Click on the buttons above and see each playset up close.
 2) Click on the "Buy Now"  button located Top Right and Bottom Right corners of each page. 
 3) Select which Playsets you would like to order & add to cart.
      (For Example: Select-ALLWALLS Cabin to purchase the entire playset as shown below. Already Attached)

For the ALLWALLS enthusiast we offer this Do It Yourself option called:
This is a great way to save & EXPAND on ALLWALLS Playsets! 

Save $1.00 per Panel!

Watch the Easy  Do It Yourself instructional video at the bottom of this page. 
 CAUTION: Do It Yourself option is NOT intended for children to perform. A knife is used to trim the tape after attaching panels. 

To Order ADDWALLS Panels and Extra Panels (Unattached) 
 1) See each Playset up close by clicking on the Tabs Above. 
 2) Click on the Panel that you are interested in or
 3) Click on the "Buy Now" button to go to the Store.
 4) Select the Panel Options corresponding to the Playset you want.
 5) Select the Panel Number you wish to purchase by using the drop down list & add to cart.
     ( For example: Panels for The Cabin- Select A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 A7,A8,B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7 B8 & X1, X2 )

Note: For Do It Yourself Options, you need only select the panels you want, you are not required to order every panel in a strip as shown in the Full Playsets that come already attached. 
Also, note: Each Panel has an Exterior and an Interior picture on either side. See below for close up Exterior and Interior pictures of each panel.
Made in the USA
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"Take back childhood and let their creative minds expand!"

What we are doing for the children, for the parents and for the next generation:
Play is essential to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of children beginning in early childhood. It is a natural tool for children to develop resiliency as they learn to cooperate, overcome challenges, and negotiate with others. Play also allows children to be creative. It provides time for parents to be fully engaged with their children, to bond with their children, and to see the world from the perspective of their child.

Children: ALLWALLS is joining the movement of "Taking Back Childhood!"
This generation is extremely over stimulated and busy. Never having a moment to be bored because there are devices everywhere you look. These devices are occupying our children's minds and imaginations! 
ALLWALLS Playsets provide the perfect opportunity for that crucial stage of childhood development when "Dramatic Play" is needed. "Dramatic Play" is pretending to be someone or something else such as a super-hero or mom and dad or any imaginative being.

 "Dramatic Play breaks down those barriers of reality and results in serious and natural learning."                                                      ~ Sarah Punlhoney

Parents: Love ALLWALLS playsets; not only because now their boys
 (It's not just a "Girl Thing") can engage in this dramatic play, but they also have peace of mind knowing that experts agree that this type of dramatic play is an integral part of a well-rounded program. 
It is essential for healthy early childhood development for both 
boys & girls alike.

Next Generation: ALLWALLS Playsets are giving the next generation the opportunity for more free time to enjoy getting lost in their imagination instead of a screen is going to make a difference! Take Back Childhood and let their creative minds expand!

This has been proven to instill: 
* Self Regulation
* Encourage Language Development
* Conflict Resolution
* Relief of  Emotional Tension
* Empowerment for Children
ALLWALLS Do's & Dont's

 We Do:
  * Leave room for creative flow and dramatic play
  * Allows children to sit inside the playsets with their toys
  * Folds up to be put away and is portable
  * Gender Neutral
  * Made in the USA

We Don't:
  * Cost as much as traditional dollhouses
  * Take up a large amount of permanent space
  * Use toxic materials
  * Manufacture outside the USA
Collect Them ALL

    Get as Creative as you can with...

 *   ...these expandable, retractable, and incredibly detachable,
      re-attachable PLAYSETS. They  are designed to fit in  ALL rooms, large 
      or small!

  *   Big enough for ALL to play, yet small enough to store away!

  *   These Playsets can be folded up and stored away on a bookshelf or in 
       a small drawer, or anywhere really! 

  *   Great to take to a friend's house or outside in the yard, too!

  *   Ideal for ALL Action figures and Fashion dolls from 1" - 12". 
       Plus, ALL those forgotten toys in your child's toy box!

  *   Draw on it! Color on it! Be as creative as you want, then wash it off
       and do it again and again and again! 

Draw, color, wipe, repeat!
                                  (Use only with Wet Erase Markers)

  *   Washable, waterproof, fade-resistant and incredibly durable!
  *   No tools required, no small parts.
  *   Ages 3 and up.
  *   Weighs less than 3 lbs.
  *   Set-up time = less than 1 minute
  *   Clean-up time = less than 1 minute

                           *   BONUS  *
       ALLWALLS Playset PANELS are detachable! 
       Simply peel off  the Extra Heavy Duty Shipping Tape and 
       arrange the PANELS how you desire and re-attach using the same 
       type of tape~for best results.
      (Note: Be sure that PANELS are even at the bottom before taping.
       and that you leave a gap approx. 1/16"-1/8" between each PANEL for         easy folding. Scroll down to bottom of this page to see 
        DIY - Instructional Video .)

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ALLWALLS Cabin: Strip A
Do It Yourself Instructional Video
How To: Detach & Attach Panels
Scroll Down to see The Cabin
Auto Repair Shop 
Barn or Dentist
Fashion Boutique
Mini Mart
Buy Now

Learn how to detach and attach 
ALLWALLS Playset Panels.

1) Remove old tape.

2) Line up panels and clip or tape them down to surface, 
    being sure that the panels are even at the bottom.

3) Make sure there is a gap approx. 1/16" -1/8" between  
    panels to insure easy folding.

4) Apply Tape. (Heavy Duty Shipping Tape is recommended)

5) Smooth tape as you apply to minimize air bubbles.

6) Trim tape at top and bottom of panels. 

7) That's ALL there is to it!
ALLWALLS Cabin: Strip B
CAUTION: Do It Yourself option is NOT intended for children to perform. A knife is used to trim the tape after attaching panels. 
The Cabin
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ALLWALLS Playsets are an AWARD WINNING toy! 
  * Winner of the 2018 Family Choice Award
  * 2nd Place Winner of the Manufacturers 2018 Booth Award at 
    WHTRA- ToyFest West